Yoga Healing Arts Center
546 Alvine Road Pittsgrove, NJ 08318
Yoga Instruction

The word Yoga means to join, linking breath with body, a bridge between mind and matter, body and spirit.

Hatha Yoga is the path of physical yoga comprised of physical postures, breathing techniques, deep relaxation & meditation.

Yoga postures offer many benefits; strengthening muscles, tone & stimulate internal organs, keeps spine supple & healthy, helps nourish the nervous system, reduces stress, fatique, anxiety and helps improve circulation & posture.

At the "Yoga Healing Arts Center" our staff are dedicated to teaching & leading the individual student on a path of growth and self actualization through Yoga.

We believe Yoga should be an inner-directed experience, finding truth & happiness within yourself.

Our staff will work with your body type, injuries & concerns and therefore modifying your Yoga practice to meet your individual goals.

We offer a safe non judgemental enviroment to practice Yoga, allowing an opening for healing and growth.
Owner/Operator: Ruth Cole - Board certified in massage thru "Lady of Lourdes",  35 years Experience in Yoga Instruction & 20 years in Massage Therapy!
Massage Therapy

The Art of Massage Therapy is to rebalance the body by achieving homeostatis or balance in metabolic equilibrium.

With over 25 years experience in this field has included extensive training in Massage Therapy together with Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition and General Health.

Some of the benefits of massage are: one hour of peace & quiet away from ringing phones and demanding children, helping taut muscles learn to relax, combines with massage strokes to aid lymphatic drainage thus releasing toxinsand having a restorative effect on the mind and body.

Within minutes of touching your body  
and calling on the years of experience and skills maintained  I will know exactly what your body needs and will massage accordingly.

Experience says it all when selecting a Massage Therapist. It is a different breed of Theraputic Massage entirely when you feel the hands and fingers of experience.

Massage releases stress in everyone! 
Massage teaches you to relax  & let go!!
Massage creates an escape from everyday!!!


  • Wear loose clothing/Layers
  • Safe Non Judgemental Enviroment
  • Tell the Instructors about any Injuries
  • Do not Eat at least 2 Hours Before Class
  • Mats, Blocks, Belts & Blankets are Provided
  • Arrive 10 Minutes before Class to get Settled In
To:546 Alvine Road
Pittsgrove, NJ 08318
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Class Schedule & Level Breakdown
Spring and summer
Level 1 - Beginner: Beginner Classes are designated for the person who has never done Yoga and focuses on the fundamentals.             
Level 2 - Multi-Level Classes are designated for the person with some Yoga knowledge and experience.                                                        

         Day              Time               Teacher       Level 

                          Tuesday                  6:30                      Ruth                all levels

                          Thursday                6:30                      Ruth                 all levels

        OPENING APRIL 6 Come one Come all  
         For questions call 856-453-0012 

                              Thursday         6:30 - 8:00 pm       Ruth                1/Beginner

12 dollars a class
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